What our Clients are saying

I loved my experience with the boudoir studio!

I am single so I do these shoots for a confidence boost !
I also model frequently however I don’t view myself as a professional model, I’m super short ! Lol I was able to give a thorough review based on the many shoots I’ve done the ones I’ve done with this studio are by far one of my all time FAVES !
But I am looking forward to doing a boudoir shoot for my future husband one day, or even get a sexy couples shoot done ! That would really be FUN!

It’s normal to be a little nervous but they made me feel so COMFORTABLE!
I felt like they put a lot of thought into how to cater to their clients needs, from the hair and makeup process to the music and the assistance with posing .... every little detail was covered and it made the experience that much better! The nerves left and soon it was just a lot of fun!

Not to mention how beautiful all of the photos were, edits were great!

It was like being a Victoria’s Secret model for a day! I left feeling empowered and sexy and here’s a bonus: the makeup is high quality and airbrushed, my eyeshadow was still on perfectly the next day and that was after a night of drinking !

I had Frances as my MUA, she was so great! So much fun and made me look like an actual model, I was glowing ! I need to bring frances home with me Ahahhaha we all need a Frances in our lives !

I just can’t thank you guys enough for really delivering ! I highly recommend you to anyone who asks! And when I find myself a worthy boyfriend I’ll be sure to come get some sexy couples pics done

Thanks guys !!!!

- Brandi-Lee-

” My experience with the Boudoir Studio was an experience I will never forget. In addition to the helpful tips and tricks document for the day of the shoot that helped me figure out what to buy for lingerie and how to prep, the day was like being in the shoes of a queen. It started with hair and make-up with the fun and sociable Frances. She helped to take the edge off with great conversation and turning me into a masterpiece.

Jaques and Richelle arrived and, as usual, Richelle was her amazing self and lead a discussion about which outfits, in which order with which shoes. I’m not very good at coordinating outfits so her advice was much appreciated. Jaques was patient and has a talent for seeing what is pleasing to the eye. Richelle was clear with her explanations of how to pose and why. It made the whole shoot easy to understand and I was able to feel more comfortable as the day went on.

The shoot was a huge success and my husband was so shocked by the gift that he only made it through half the photo album before begging to look at the rest later and take me to the bedroom now!

I love how I felt about the shoot and how I feel about myself when I look at the photos. It was also a treat to see my husband’s reaction and the look on his face while looking at photos like that of me.

I would suggest this to anyone wanting a gift for the man who has everything and who always makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room. The book ended up being a gift for me as well; when I look at those photos I do feel like the only one in the room. What a gift! “


I wanted to take a minute to write and let everyone know what a life changing experience my boudoir shoot was. I don’t think I have words to express how amazing and empowering it felt to do something like this- I left my shoot feeling sexy and confident and like I had given myself a gift that would stay with me for a really long time.
I can’t say enough good things about Richelle and Jaques they make you feel so comfortable and they genuinely care about really bringing out the best version of you. They go on the whole journey with you, and it’s such a fun ride!
I wanted to do the shoot for me- a chance to celebrate myself, my body, and everything it has accomplished. I look at the pictures and I see a version of myself that I had never seen, and I love her! I’m so glad I pushed myself to do something that is not in my comfort zone. I stopped listening to all the reasons not to- the last five pounds, the scars, the stretch marks, the time, the money, the fear, the “what would people think?!?!?”- and the end result is a permanent change. I stand taller. I’m more confident. I have the fearlessness that comes from doing something that really challenged you. The pictures are beautiful and I can’t stop looking at them- but more than that, I can’t believe how much it changed the way I look at myself. I’m so happy I did boudoir! (Oh, and the husband loves the photos too!!!!)


“My experience with this was honestly amazing, I burst into tears every time I look at the photos now and my confidence no longer has a huge dent in it!!! I thank you so much for building me this new found person and putting it out there. It was something I’ll never ever forget !”

– Samantha

"I have done many shoots over the last few years with Jaques and Richelle and every time is an absolute pleasure! Whether it be family shoots or boudoir they are nothing less than professional and friendly.

Boudoir shoots can be a little nerve wracking but Jaques and Richelle have a way of making you feel completely comfortable and confident. Discretion is paramount for them.

They genuinely care about their clients and are passionate about their work and it definiely shows because these two produce amazing shots! It's no wonder they are so popular on the photography scene."


“I am very happy I did it. The session was very professional. You two work great as a team. You made the process relaxing and comfortable.  (And yes, my body hurts today) LOL! All the girls at work have been asking me about my shoot and I highly recommended you. I can’t wait to give these to him, he’s going to love it!”


"Thanks guys!!! You guys rock!!! I didn’t feel shy at all like I thought I would. I know it must be difficult to work with someone as zany as I am. I can’t wait to see your work.”


“My experience was awesome. I was nervous and excited about going, but right from the beginning, everything was great. Your stylist was awesome between her personality and yours I was able to feel comfortable easily. My back is sore today from all that posing but it was worth it!”

– Alysha

This was an experience that every woman should have! To be honest, I was a bit nervous but Jaques and Richelle made me feel so comfortable and at ease during the whole process. It was one of those once in a lifetime moments that you need to experience for yourself!”

– Sherry

Richelle and Jaques go out of your way to make sure your are comfortable and relaxed. I was nervous and on the fence, but took the leap! I definitely recommend”

– Kristy