Boudoir Art by Jaques



Why Boudoir?

I was born and raised in South Africa, where the female body is celebrated and seen as Art. Nudity is not something that is uncommon, taboo or to be ashamed of there. Seeing topless African women and merchant paintings of nude women was a part of daily life.

My passion for boudoir stems from the fact that I love creating art, which is the reason why I became a photographer. I started out as a Nature & Wildlife photographer in South Africa and moved on to photographing people. I started my full time career as a professional Photographer in 2011 in the Wedding Industry. My wife, Richelle, and I did a few boudoir sessions during that time, but in 2018, we opened our own Boudoir Studio in Emeryville, Ontario. It has been so much more popular than we imagined and so rewarding.






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My Philosophy on Boudoir

As a Boudoir Photographer, I want her to see herself in a way that she has never seen before! My goal is not only to make you look amazing, but I want to create art that will drive him wild and make you so proud that it’s YOU!

My Favorite part of Boudoir

Putting the form of art aside, my favourite part of Boudoir is when the client comes to our office to see her images for the very first time in her Viewing Session with Richelle. Watching her face light up when she sees her images on the screen and being in disbelief that it’s actually her gives me true happiness!

My Shooting Style

My Boudoir shooting style is Dark and Moody. I get a balance of well lit photos for my clients where you can see her beautiful features and carefully selected lingerie pieces, as well as dramatic images, where I use a lot of shadow to bring mystery to the image. I make use of highlights and shadows to contour the female form in order to bring mystery to the image; as well as to keep certain aspects hidden...just enough to make the viewer intrigued.

About 90% of my clients prefer to finish their session with artistic nudes and/or shower shots in order to make her images go from beautiful to OMG...amazing!



Why hire Jaques as your Boudoir Photographer?

Most of our Clients are in a relationship or married. They do a boudoir session to give as a gift to their significant other as a Valantine’s, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.

As a male Boudoir Photographer, I think I have a different perspective of what a male finds sexy in an image versus a woman. Most women want to play it safe: bright lit images in lingerie, looking at the camera and smiling.

Yes, those look pretty, but I want to give you images that will blow his mind! When you show him your album, I don't want him to only tell you how pretty you look, I want him to be shocked and proud of how incredibly sexy you look! As a male Photographer, I know what is going to get his heart racing when he sees your images!!

Let me help you make this gift the best gift he has ever received in his life!!! This will be the gift that keeps on giving!

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