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We want you to know

So you're looking to do a boudoir shoot!

We know that selecting an artist for a Boudoir Session and choosing someone you are comfortable with can be a process.  Do you have butterflies in your tummy from being both nervous and excited about it? Maybe it would help you if you knew our goals as a studio.

Most of our clients are brides wanting to give a wedding gift to their fiance or they are wives who are celebrating occasions or anniversaries and wanting to give a gift to their husbands.

But, it definitely goes deeper than that. The Mission and Vision of The Boudoir Studio is to impact women! You see, most women feel hindered most of their lives; whether it be how they feel about themselves or their bodies. Our goal for the shoot is, not only creating a gift, but to impact her confidence so much that she finally sees what he has been seeing in her all along. Usually at the begining of the shoot, everyone is scared, but then, they leave on top of the world and they are so proud to show off their art work and album as a statement of her new found confidence.

The best part is, husbands truly feel loved when they receive this gift. We have seen grooms cry and other clients have thanked us for renewing a spark. Because you see...when a woman feels great about herself and is confident, she can express herself, and that my friend, impacts marriages!!! 

How does it work?

We do a lot of boudoir sessions, unless they are our bride, most of our clients are women we have never met before as they have found us online or have been referred to us by a friend. The most important thing to us is that you have a great experience. Our ladies can book a shoot date/time and pay online with our Online Scheduling App. Once that is taken care of, our booking questionnaire will help us get a feel of your style and goal for the shoot, and we can have a quick chat to answer your questions before you start on the search for outfits. We send you a Boudoir Session Prep Guide and Checklist to prepare for your Shoot! If you prefer to chat over the phone before booking, no problem, just call (519-915-8073) or email me (info@theboudoirstudio.ca).

What to expect during the shoot

During the session itself, Jaques is shooting/adjusting lighting, and Richelle is directing & assisting you. This is good for a couple reasons. First, it’s reassuring to have a woman there helping you with positioning, etc. But it is also nice to have both a man and woman’s perspectives. If it were for us women, we’d play it so safe, we’d end up with just headshots, LOL. Most of our ladies give their images as a gift to their significant other; and therefore, we usually strive to find a balance of images she will like, and tend to push the envelope for the sake of keeping the end in mind: leaving her partner amazed and excited. Everyone’s comfort level is completely different and we respect that. We have some girls that don’t mind what is exposed, and some girls only want implied nude photos where parts are covered. It’s important to us that we respect your boundaries and we always discuss this prior to the shoot.

Hair and Makeup
When you arrive, our friendly Professional Hair & Makeup artist will greet you with your favourite music and preferred beverage. She will do a small consultation with you to determine the feel you are going for, and start creating an incredible look for you. We reserve two hours for this pampering service so that you do not feel rushed. Finally, she will finish up by applying gorgeous lashes. Professional Hair & Makeup is such a crucial part of Boudoir. It accentuates your beauty and creates the most amazing images, and this is why it’s included in your Session Fee. We want to make sure you look and feel amazing, and at the same time, we want you to have an incredible experience! 

What to wear/bring

A well-planned shoot makes all the difference in the final images. Planning it can be a little time-consuming on your end, but will be so worth it, trust me! We usually suggest 3-4 outfits and bring something meaningful (your wedding lingerie/his favorite jersey, etc). Some girls show up with a suitcase of their items, and we just go through it prior to the session and help you decide, so no worries.

Don’t forget the shoes! We love to use shoes in the shots! Some girls send me pictures of their outfits prior to the session if they need advice. If you are trying to communicate your vision, use our site or your current Pinterest board. Most girls just leave it up to us.

Can I send you images of things I want?
We never change our style of shooting, however, if you are trying to communicate poses you like, feel free to send us images so we can better understand what you are expressing.  Pictures are better than words.

The Boudoir Studio Session

Boudoir Session Style Guide
Preparation Phone Call
In-House Hair and Makeup Session
Champagne or Mimosa Service
90-120 Minutes of Coverage
Three to Four Outfit Changes
Outfit Selection Consultation
Jaques as the main shooter
Richelle as the Artistic Director

Albums, Art Work, Luxury Prints and Digitals are not included in the session fee.

Products are purchased at your Private Photo
Reveal and Ordering appointment

I want to book a session, what is my Next Step?

We take on a limited amount of clients per year in order to give each person the best experience.

Our goal is for you to remember your shoot as being fun & exhilirating, and for you to leave with a product that you are so excited to share with your significant other.  We want you to think back on it, and not only want to return to do it again, but tell your girlfriends about the experience, so they have the confidence to do it too!

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then let’s chat!  Contact us to request our Boudoir Collections and Pricing Guide or to book your Session, as space is limited.