The Boudoir Studio

Hi, we’re Jaques & Richelle, and we own The Boudoir Studio, Windsor, Ontario’s Premier Boudoir studio. Because we are wedding photographers, we often receive requests from our brides to do a shoot to create the most jaw-dropping keepsake for her husband-to-be for the wedding day. In fact, our most popular wedding collection includes a Boudoir Session!  It’s something we absolutely love to do.

The first reason is because Jaques is from South Africa, where women’s beauty is celebrated and painted as art all the time. But for me (Richelle), as a woman, what I get excited about is seeing the transformation women go through in the studio. With a little coaching and encouragement, it’s amazing to see how much she starts to gain confidence.Believing you are sexy is what makes you sexy!

Since we have started The Boudoir Studio, we have had women cry and thank us, grooms cry opening up their gift, and husbands thank us for their new confident wife and rekindled spark in their relationship! We never in a million years expected this type of impact! But that is exactly what it is doing: Impacting women’s confidence and impacting marriages! If that is speaks to your heart, we can’t wait to see you in the studio! Jaques & Richelle